ZDOPS in brief

Association of Employers in Craft and Small Business of Slovenia (ZDOPS) is a private and non-profit organisation which was established in 1994.

ZDOPS represents the interests of crafts, small and medium-sized enterprises in social dialogue, both, with the government and trade unions. It is involved with preparation of legislation in the area of employment of foreign persons and of social care. ZDOPS is the contractual party representing employers in crafts and SME employers in Collective bargaining.

ZDOPS members are employers in craft enterprises and SMEs and regional Chambers of Crafts and Entrepreneurship.

ZDOPS works through 12 Regional Committees aiming at bringing ZDOPS closer to its members and representing their interests locally. In addition to that, ZDOPS provides an array of services for its members (e.g., legal assistance and support with the whole area of labour legislation, training and organisation / implementation of different events aiming at promoting employment of foreign workforce).

Major work fields:
– Labour Market and Labour Relations,
– Collective Bargaining,
– Social Security (health and pension),
– Health and Safety at Work.

Representation of its members in social dialogue: ZDOPS was established with a purpose of improving effectiveness and increasing the results of its members, particularly in the field of provision of social peace and relevant arrangements in labour relations for the employers’ side. Accordingly, ZDOPS is involved in social dialogue with the government of Slovenia, trade unions and other employers’ organisations. The association is responsible for preparation of background documents for amendments and improvements of labour related legislation and negotiation for their adoption. ZDOPS cooperates also with line ministries covering the issues related to small employers and SMEs in general, including e.g., cooperation with the department for reduction of administrative obstacles.

International representation: ZDOPS is active also at international level through its representatives in several relevant European organisations (e.g., Advisory Committee on Safety and Health at Work, European Agency for Health and Safety at Work, Advisory Committee for the Coordination of Social Security Systems, EUROFOUND, European Social Fund Committee).

Innovation and events: implementation of (international) projects, promotion of modernisation in social dialog segment and in services for members, provision of key-note speeches and organisation of conferences, seminars and trainings.

Founding Agreement of The Association of Employers in Craft and Small Business of Slovenia

Association of Employers in Craft and Small Business of Slovenia is a member of SMEunited

President: Mr. Marko Lotrič

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